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Renewable Energy

Updated: May 12, 2022

Renewable energy sources are natural resources, capable of regenerating themselves in a short time and in a sustainable way.l.

Renewable energies allow human beings to use them almost infinitely, bringing greater well-being to nature, the environment and the population. These sources avoid the emission of greenhouse gases, consequently lowering global warming.

These sources prevent fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas from being imported to generate electricity, avoid the emission of greenhouse gases and reduce the price of electricity in the electricity market, contributing to greater economic and environmental sustainability of the world.

Renewable energies are one of the pillars of sustainable energy policy and one of the energy efficiency solutions.

From these sources we can refer:

  • Solar

  • Hydro (Theoretically)

  • wind

  • biomass

  • oceans

  • geothermal

These types of energy make it possible to speak of savings in various ways when referring to energy efficiency, bringing this savings to the environment, but also financially.

There is an initial investment and a maintenance cost, the same, compared with fossil fuels, becomes negligible because the use of this type of energy source has to be constant for the creation of electrical or thermal energy. The use of renewable energies as a source of energy for the consumption of energy needs is an efficient way to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

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