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Linear Economy

The linear economy is based on extracting, producing and discarding, and this is the economy that unfortunately prevails in today's world.

In a linear production and consumption system, economic growth depends on finite resources, accumulating waste that poses risks to the environment.

Due to the exponential increase in consumption, there are fewer and fewer resources available and the costs of extracting it are increasingly higher.

This posture, in addition to being risky for companies, has irreversible consequences for the population.

This economic model brings with it numerous negative impacts, such as the degradation of various ecosystems, the emission of polluting gases, which in addition to causing numerous diseases, are responsible for the greenhouse effect and global warming and the massive production of waste that , to a large extent, are deposited in landfills and incinerated.

"The transition to a circular model, through the implementation of its principles, so that they become part of the DNA of organizations and cities is urgent and our best chance to be able to face the current challenges."

This behavioral change should not be an option, but the only option, as maintaining the current posture will result in irreversible consequences for our planet.

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