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Energy Saving

The best solution for saving energy at home lies in your attitude and attention to how you use electricity. We have gathered a set of simple gestures that will make all the difference in your electricity bill at the end of the month. In addition, it will be contributed positively to saving for you that is useful in general for the country and, in particular, for the environment.

  • Avoid having the lights or equipment turned on, when not necessary.

Did you know that lighting is responsible for about 10 to 15% of total housing electricity consumption? Make the most of sunlight and use artificial lighting responsibly.

  • Try to calk doors and windows, isolate walls, ceilings, and the floor of your home. In doing so, it is saving energy and reducing investment in air conditioning systems.

Did you know that about 60% of the energy of heating systems is wasted when escaping zones that can be easily isolated?

  • When buying a new equipment, check the energy label and opt for the one that has the lower power consumption.

Did you know that the energy label informs about the efficiency of the various domestic equipment? For the same capacity and characteristics, a device classified as "A ++" is considered more efficient and economical and "G" as the least suitable for these levels.

  • Replace incandescent lamps with energy saving LED lamps. They give the same light, but save 80% of the electricity used and last 8 times more.

Lighting based on microled also has the ability to choose the temperature of the light. For more active environments, white/cold light should be used, for leisure and rest environments, more yellow/warmer light should be used.

  • Turn off the equipment on the button and not just in the controller. Stand-by-bye devices continue to expend energy.

  • Avoid opening unnecessarily the refrigerator door and, when you do, do it as soon as possible. Periodically check the state of the rubbers of the refrigerator doors.

Did you know that cold equipment in domestic electrical consumption represents most spending, equivalent to 32% of consumption?

  • Did you know that installing double glazing glass means less 10% of energy consumption and minimizing outer noise? If it is not possible, place port or outdoor blinds, which can help reduce the amount of energy needed to climatization of your home.

  • Use the washing machines whenever you can, with the full charge and in a low temperature program.

Did you know that the washing machine consumes about 5% of the total electricity of a house? And when selecting the economic program (by decreasing the wash temperature) can save up to 46% of consumption?

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