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Geothermal Energy

Updated: May 12, 2022

Geothermal energy it’s the energy obtained from the Earth’s interior heat.

The Geothermal Energy takes usage of the heat coming from the Earth’s interior to convert thermal energy, through engineering technics that allow the conversion of energy from high temperatures to electricity. It’s about the usage of the geographical, chemical, and geologic knowledge about the terrestrial to the usage in the human activities.

There are several ways to use this important source of renewable energy. The first it’s the usage of thermal waters, that forms in areas where the interior temperature of the terrain is very high, what results on the overheating of the water, that emerges to the surface in form of fountains, mines and small lakes of hot water. In these cases, the hot water is used for residential supplying and, firstly, for tourist use (therapeutical hot springs). In other cases, the geothermal energy is used for generating electricity.

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