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LED luminaire


General Information

The PIN-2R luminaire built with high quality and high-strength aluminum injection that incorporates a gasket (in- serted by robot), in all its perimeter with a back cover, which supports the driver. Separating this with dissipation from the bottom.

It is accompanied by two access regis- ters one for driver connection, another for dimmable system, with compensa- tion valve, incorporates hooks or brac- kets and at the bottom it has two lenses and two Microled plus up to 160w with its EPM gasket and a polyamide ring .

Baked high durability polyester paint with 220o makes it a very high quality product, not existing in the market.

Advantages of LED

LED lamps consume 2.5 times less than a conventional energy saving lamp and 8.9 times less than a traditional incandescent lamp. This leads to impressive economic savings, which can lead to 90% on the electricity bill and a quick amortization of the investment.

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More Informations

Price 350,000 AOA / unit

Delivery and installation included (Luanda, Angola)

WhatsApp +244 937 219 656 or Live Chat

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