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Dedicated training at customer installations

This training is dedicated to companies that already have their electrical technicians within their maintenance department or another, and wish to equip their staff in the areas of renewable energy, sustainability and energy efficiency. The training can vary from client to client, as it is convenient, in addition to the general part of knowledge transmission, to explain the operation of the equipment that many already work with, to make the best use of them, to know how to carry out maintenance with a view to its greater durability. and system operability.


At the moment, we are training electricians, with the bases for renewable energies, expertise and adaptation to specific equipment, in its theoretical and practical component.

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Useful information

Structure and duration

60 hours total, 3 hours total duration of 4 weeks


  •  1st Part [30% of the time | 18 hours] - Review of basic theoretical concepts in the field of electrical engineering 

  •  Part 2 [60% of the time | 36 hours] - Sizing, selection and maintenance of photovoltaic systems 

  •  Part 3 [10% of the time | 6 hours] - Global perspective of photovoltaic systems - present and future

Additional Information

This course has an introduction to software;

(Course price will be on request)

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