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Luís Filipe B. Figueiredo

Scientific-Technological Coordinator

Luís Filipe B. Figueiredo has a degree in Business Management from the University of Évora, a postgraduate degree in Community Policy from Universidade Moderna and Solicitor from OSAE, as well as TOC in Portugal, obtaining the trainer certificate in Angola in 2011, by CENFOR. Since 1996, he has been director/administrator in the areas of Business Management and/or Finance. He joined renewable energy in Angola in 2015, acquired a shareholding in an Electrotechnical and Environmental Engineering company in 2019, in Portugal, and since 2020 has managed his own company linked to Environment, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies. Founding member of ASAER, Angolan Renewable Energy Association, where he holds the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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